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2 May, 2023

Challenges in Pension Research and Behavior in Old Age

In this lecture, Prof. Boersch-Supan examines pension research challenges and behaviors in old age, sharing insights from MEA studies and addressing solutions for an aging population
7 September, 2022

Minimal Enforcement and High Personal Responsibility – The Picture of the Pension System in 2022

The in-depth analyzes performed at the Center for Pensions, Insurance and Economic Psychology present limitations to the success of the pension reforms.
24 February, 2021

Retirement Age—Stagnation vs. Intelligent Policy

At this workshop, we launch the Social Security, Poverty, and Polarization Research Program with a topic of immense public importance: the retirement age for women and men
27 March, 2018

Seminar on “Retirement, Old Age, and Pensions: Trends, Challenges, and Policies”

The three-day seminar for novice pension researchers allowed interactions with global experts, exposure to current studies on pensions and aging, and feedback on their work.
3 March, 2016

Economic Psychology Conference: Research and Practices

The conference featured three segments: lectures by top financial literacy researchers, a panel about economic psychology in Israel, and presentations by novice researchers.
20 November, 2014

The launch event for The Center of Pension, Insurance, and Economic Psychology

The launch conference of the Center was held on November 20, 2014, at Ben Gurion University, with the participation of the governor of the Bank of Israel and capital market executives.