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The Center for Pension, Insurance, and Economic Psychology is the go-to address for consultancy and supporting decision-makers. The Center works to promote research collaborations with the public sector, the business world, and the third sector

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The Center for Pension, Insurance & Economic Psychology

Following the increase in life expectancy and the transfer of responsibility for pension savings to the individuals, academic and public interest in the ability of citizens to manage their savings until retirement age has increased. The Center was established at Ben Gurion University with the aim to improve the financial situation of savers and to help policy makers benefit savers. It functions as an advisory body to policy makers and makes available the fruits of research at the Center and abroad, To promote insights related to the characteristics and needs of the individual.

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Prof. David Leiser
Vice Chairman
Prof. Avia Spivak
Prof. Rami Yosef
Founder & Board member
Dr. Eyal Carmel
Board Member

Dr. Sarit Menahem-Carmi

Board Member


Avia Spivak, Aviad Tur-Sinai
How Generous Are Societies toward Their Elderly?
A European Comparative Study of Replacement Rates, Well-Being and Economic Adequacy
Avia Spivak, David Leiser
Pension reform - Lessons from abroad
Benne van Popta and Onno Steenbeek share key findings from a study they did on Pension Reform in 9 countries, including Israel
Reuben Gronua, Avia Spivak
Reforms in the Israeli pension system
The past two decades have been marked by changes in the structure of pension saving and the entities involved in pension savings.
Zvika Afik, Tomer Shushi ,Rami Yosef
Mass-customization of insurance a valuation perspective
This paper presents a large set of flexible products that can be easily tailored to meet individual customer demand.
Daphna Kahana
Young people in debt (Hebrew)
A lit. review of household over-indebtness with emphasis on young debtors, in Israel and abroad
David Leiser, Eyal Carmel, Hernan Rosenblum, Eyal Menaged
Communication with the public on pension issues (Hebrew)
This report establishes the infrastructure for effective intervention in the conduct of the public in matters of pensions.

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In our media library, you can find a variety of interesting and current content. You will find articles published in the press and podcasts with the participation of our Center’s researchers.

David Leiser at The Dissenter YouTube channel – How We Misunderstand Economics And Why It Matters

David Leiser

The Dissenter


2020’s coronavirus reflects the good and bad of Israeli society

David Leiser

The Jerusalem Post

Study: Israeli household income plummets after retirement

Avia Spivak

The Jerusalem Post

Populism and lay misunderstand of economics. Economic Festival Trento 2019

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Prolonged self-isolation due to lockdown may make humans feel depressed, powerless, says Israeli professor

David Leiser

Yahoo! News

Helicopter money:  Rebuilding Macroeconomics. United Kingdom Economicand Social Research Councilֿ    

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